The key to live your own myth

The key to live your own myth

The key to live your own myth

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Discover the world in… Greece!


Adelos Rentals

It’s one of those times that you are trying to find a name to call your futures dreams, to describe your goals and life assets. Not an easy thing to do, searching one word for a rainbow of thoughts.

Feeling really grateful for being Greek and having mythology on my side “ADELOS” is born.

Adelos was the name of the island in its uniquely floating capacity. When goddess Leto, impregnated by Zeus, was searching for a safe birthplace for Artemis and Apollo, she addressed this island, which was originally incognito. Once the godly siblings were born on it, the island started to grow roots and became “Delos”, literally meaning “declared”. From a unidentified and barren land, it became the most sacred and rich island of Greek antiquity.

I’m revealing to you my vision! I give you “ADELOS” !

The key to live your own myth!